Sunday, May 21, 2017

Barn Hunting at Dogwood in Ostrander, Ohio

River and I went to Dogwood Training Center in Ostrander, Ohio over Mother's Day weekend and participated in a barn hunt trial.

On Saturday, I have to admit it was horrible. River and I didn't qualify at all. It seemed like she was searching really well but her alerts were not noticeable if they occurred at all. She may have found the rats but I certainly didn't.

Sunday went was almost as bad. The first trial we didn't find any rats and the second trial we found 2 out of 4. River seemed a little calmer but not much. I think all the waiting around is hard on her. In order to search 4 times, we waited about 3 hours which is hard for her to do.

At least the weather was nice and maybe she'll do better at the next trial.

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