Saturday, December 31, 2016

Goodbye 2016

Well another year is gone. We've lost great musicians like Prince and David Bowie and actor Alan Rickman and of course John Glen and many, many more. We went through a horrible election year. The bitterness, name calling, lies, lies and more lies makes it hard to appreciate the right to vote.

On a personal note, I entered two quilts in the Ohio State Fair and one quilt got People's Choice. My parents celebrated 50 years of marriage, my husband and I celebrated our 20 year anniversary and took a vacation to Key West, Florida.

River earned a total of 46 ribbons in C-WAGS scent games and earned her Level 2 Title, Level 4 Title, Level 1 ACE Title, and Level 3 ACE Title. She also earned 2 ribbons, both first place, in barn hunting and her Open Title.

This year was a little slow on blogging but that's okay. I'm not competing with anyone. I had around 35 posts and the summer was really slow. Sorry, but I'm outside most of that time and not sitting at a computer or sewing machine so nothing really gets done.

In addition to going to Key West, Florida in October, we also saw Anthony Bourdain at the Palace theatre. We enjoy watching all of his TV shows and seeing him in person talk about his travels was fun too.

On Christmas eve, we were treated to an adult Cooper's Hawk eating his prey. He had caught a small house sparrow and decided to use the neighbor's fence as his perch to eat his meal on. We got about 7 minutes of video before he flew away but that was a sight you don't see everyday.

We also went to the Chinese Lantern Festival held at the State fairgrounds. This is the festivals first year, I think, here in Columbus and I hope it comes back next year. There were a lot of people for the space it was in which made it hard to get around. The lanterns were really well done and it was something different to go see. We had a nice evening walking around looking at all the lanterns.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Art Quilt - Grandma Part 3

In part 2, I posted a picture of the quilt with a piece of clear vinyl laid on top. I tested out various quilting designs by drawing on it with dry erase markers. Trying to figure out the quilting designs for this quilt has been rather hard. I guess the colored pencil drawings are making it hard. Do I quilt them or not?

I'm no longer debating about it. I've decided to quilt the portraits. It'll be a challenge but I think every quilt you do you should give you at least one challenge. So far I've not really had one for this particular quilt so there it is. I just hope I have enough thread colors.

I've also added a German Shepard to the quilt. Grandma really, really loved her dog and never got another shepard. She's had other dogs since then but she never talks about them, just her shepard. It's not an exact portrait of her dog but she'll love it just the same.

I've been gathering some additional quilting threads this last week and I'm going to give myself a few days of practice with them and designs I have in mind then I can start quilting.

I found a neat backing fabric on It's an ivory fabric with all the names of all 50 states. I know my grandma has been to a lot of the states if not all of them and it keeps with the Ohio theme.

Next up, quilting.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

December 7 - C-WAGS Scent League

Last night River and I went to Anything Goes for Dogs in Marysville for scent league. We did 2 searches at level 1 and 2 searches at level 3.  River did really well and Q'd in all 4 searches.

She had a little trouble on the first search but apparently a lot of dogs did. There were only 4 dogs to Q in the Level 1 search, which was really surprising giving that all of the dogs have been doing this a while. The second Level 1, went much better since all of the dogs qualified.

The next 2 searches were at Level 3, which is 3 scent hides. Most of the dogs did really well at Level 3 as well, and River completed her Level 3 ACE title.

The second night of the December scent league will be on the 21st. Below is a picture of River's Qualifying ribbons, her Title ribbon and her ACE medal. After a busy night like last night, River will sleep until about 3 pm today. A busy dog is a tired dog!