Sunday, September 28, 2014

Jacobean Journey Quilt - Block A4H7

This block is part of the applique border. It has two applique flower designs and a lot of stitches. You need fabrics 1, 3, 4, backing fabric, stabilizer, water soluble thread, and all coordinating thread.  If you don't want to use stabilizer for fabric 3 that's your choice. I've been doing it just so that I don't get any puckering since it is heavily stitched.  I figure better safe than sorry.

I've gotten 1/2 of the outer border blocks done and haven't worked on the inner border blocks at all. So I've still got a lot of blocks to go. At our last meeting, we decided on a trunk show late January as a show and tell. Assuming I get this thing done by then, I'll drag it in.  I still can't really picture what its going to look like even though I'm doing all the blocks so I'm excited to see how it looks when all the blocks are together.  I know it'll be really pretty and it'll be fun to see everyone else's quilt too. Until then, I've got to do another 22 outer border blocks, 36 inner border blocks and roughly 16 of the applique blocks. After all that, I still have to make all the sashing for the back and then sew it all together.

My MIL and her sisters get together about every 6 months and sew for a week. Two live out of state and they take turns driving to each other's houses.  So when I was there visiting, I started labeling the blocks with their location (Ex. Row C4) and trimmed them all. I laid out the center medallion so the ladies could see at least part of the quilt and took some pictures with my phone.

Here's the my video for block A4H7.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Jacobean Journey Quilt - Block A3H8

We finally started the applique border blocks of the Jacobean Journey quilt this month and the instructions that I was given was a little... well, confusing.  According, to Hoopsisters the instructions for several blocks are the same so they don't want to print different blocks with the same type of instructions.  So their solution was to draft the instructions using a sample of the blocks with pictures for that one block. However, additional blocks do not get their own set of pictures but share the same instructions.  For example, if a block has only 2 fabrics (say 1 and 4) you follow instructions A, which will have pictorial examples of only 1 type of block, which may or may not match the block you are currently stitching out.  So this was fairly confusing for me since my Babylock doesn't show file names just pictures and my pictures didn't match the set of instructions (or so I thought) I received since the pictures didn't match at all.

So my suggestion would be to rewrite the instructions getting rid of the pictures. If the pictures are not going to match the block I'm doing, then get rid of them.  Simply label the instructions, show 1 photo of each type of block the instructions with file names at the top, then have written instructions below for each step.  That way you have a picture of each of the blocks those instructions pertain to. This would make much more sense to me.

Anyway, I got block A3H8 done, which is the large flower block. I like these applique blocks but they have a lot of thread changes and take around an hour and a half each. This block has around 30,000 stitches.

Here's my video for block A3H8.