Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Barn Hunt - Dogwood

River and I participated in a barn hunt trial at Dogwood Agility in Ostrander, Ohio over the weekend. This was our first trial at the Senior level. River has to find 4 rats and complete the tunnel and climb requirements within 3 minute 30 seconds.

We had a great time but only qualified in one run with a time of 2:09 which also got us first place. Another dog had a time of 2:03 and got High in Class but we were the only 2 dogs to qualify. Most of the time teams run out of time. Some dogs, like mine, alert very subtly and its pretty hard to figure out if they've found a rat or not.

Even though we didn't qualify on most of the runs, we still enjoyed our weekend and it was great practice. It's a lot of work holding a barn hunt trial and we greatly appreciate all the people who volunteer to make each hunt run smoothly.

Friday, November 4, 2016

Fall CWAGS Scent League

River and I are participating in a fall CWAGS scent league held at Anything Goes for Dogs in Marysville held in September and October.

Our September trial went fairly well. The first evening, she was way too excited to search during our Level 1. She mostly just ran around and alerted to 2 boxes no where near the scent. During a level 3 search she did a perfect alert but it wasn't there and when I told her "no" she bounded 3 times across the room and tackled a small object and looked at me like, "I was just teasing it's right here!", which it was. So she was quite playful that evening. We wound up with 1 Q at Level 1 and 2 at Level 3, which she really made me work for.

The second evening of scent league, we were doing Levels 1 and 3 again. River qualified in each round earning her Level 1 ACE Title! It's a small dog paw medal on a lanyard of black with hearts and stars. She was pretty calm. So calm in fact that she seemed pretty bored with the whole thing but she got into the swing of it.

One of her level 3 searches she completed in a really good time of 1:46. You get 4 minutes to find all 3 scents so her time was great! I think she took the same amount of time to find one scent on Level 1 so she was quick.

The October scent league was on Levels 2 and 4. River Q'd in 3 of the 4 searches and she got her Level 4 Title.  We always have a good time during the scent trials and it's fun to watch other's dogs get their title or see who's finding scent the fastest.

Winter scent league will be in December and January.

Apple Cobbler

I haven't posted about any recipes at all this year or if I have they've been few and far between. I guess over the hot summer I'm just not cooking all that much or at least not making anything post worthy.

But today is different my friends. Today is about apple cobbler. My parents, especially my dad, likes pie and don't get me wrong I love pie too but I don't like making crust. My parents have that mastered but I don't make it often enough and I struggle. Besides, I don't like rolling out the dough either. So, I tend to gravitate more towards the cobbler dough. I use my Cuisinart, pulse, pulse, pulse and sprinkle it over fruit. Now, that's easy.

You can use whatever apples you have on hand. You can use all Jonathan, all Winesap or mix them. Just don't use a soft apple like a Golden Delicious. You'll wind up with mostly mush but feel free to add them into another apple. Today, I had Jonagolds and Golden Delicious. I also had about 12 cups of apples.  I have to admit I don't measure how many cups of fruit I have, I just fill my container(s).

After peeling my apples and putting them into a large bowl, I added 2C of sugar, 3 teaspoons of Apple Pie Spice from King Arthur Flour and 1 teaspoon of Vietnamese Cinnamon also from KAF and Instant Clear Jell also from KAF. If you've never used any of these products, I would urge you to go buy them. Seriously.

Coat the apples with the sugar/spices mixture throughly and let sit at least a half hour. When you're ready to put it all together make the cobble dough. I use a Cuisinart Food processor to make every easy. Just add the flour, sugar, baking powder and salt in first and mix this together. Then add the vanilla and the butter (in chunks) and just pulse the mixture. It should look like sand or chunky sand when you get done.

Slowly add milk to the mixture. Try to stop before it comes together as a dough. It should still be crumbly. I probably over mixed mine a little. I had to break up the bigger chunks when spreading it over the top of the apples. By the way, this one recipe makes a lot for an 8x8" square pan. You could get away with only using half if you want less dough.

Remember to take the blade out before reaching your hand into the mixture!

Sprinkle the dough over the apples. You can either bake it or freeze it! I make some small pans and give them to my parents and elderly relatives. That way they can bake them whenever they want

I baked my 8x8 foil pan at 375 for 45 minutes on a foil covered cookie sheet with foil over the tope of the cobbler. You can take the foil off after 30 minutes so the top can brown. When the cobbler is done, the top should be golden brown and you should be able to see bubbles around the edges.

I made a bunch of blackberry cobblers about 2 years ago and this is the recipe I made however, I have no idea where I got the cobbler dough recipe from. It's just what I remember.

Cobbler Dough

1.5C     AP Flour
1           Stick of Butter cubed
3/4C     Sugar
1 tsp     Baking Powder
1/2 tsp  Salt
1 tsp     Vanilla Bean Paste (or Vanilla Extract)
1/4C     Milk or Cream

Place the flour, sugar, baking powder and salt into a food processor and pulse a few times to mix. Add butter and pulse after each addition. Add vanilla. You should have something that looks sandy/chunky. Slowly add the milk and pulse. When the dough looks like it's clumping, you're done!