Sunday, May 21, 2017

Barn Hunting at Dogwood in Ostrander, Ohio

River and I went to Dogwood Training Center in Ostrander, Ohio over Mother's Day weekend and participated in a barn hunt trial.

On Saturday, I have to admit it was horrible. River and I didn't qualify at all. It seemed like she was searching really well but her alerts were not noticeable if they occurred at all. She may have found the rats but I certainly didn't.

Sunday went was almost as bad. The first trial we didn't find any rats and the second trial we found 2 out of 4. River seemed a little calmer but not much. I think all the waiting around is hard on her. In order to search 4 times, we waited about 3 hours which is hard for her to do.

At least the weather was nice and maybe she'll do better at the next trial.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

C-WAGS 10th Anniversary National Trial - Dayton, Ohio

River and I participated in C-WAGS National Trial in Dayton on Sunday, April 30th held at Dayton Dog Training Club. The trial ran for 3 days covering obedience, games, rally and scent. I signed River up for all 8 scent searches (Levels 1, 2, 3 and 4 x2) on Sunday. If we're going clear to Dayton we're going big before going home.

Level 1 searches went okay. River was really excited to be in a new place and she simply didn't care about sniffing boxes. She found the first scent with the worst alert ever and all I could do was take a good guess that she meant standing still for exactly 2 seconds was her alert. I know my dog, who gave a very crappy and subtle alert and I guessed correctly. The second level 1 we didn't qualify but that was my fault. I forgot you can't touch your dog unless putting on/taking off a leash. I touched her trying to get her attention so we were disqualified.

Level 2 searches were moderately better. River at least got her nose down to some of the items and she qualified on both searches and got her level 2 ACE title as well.

Level 3 searches were just painful. River simply didn't care about scent and wouldn't search at all. She was more interested in the person sitting in the ring or sniffing the fire extinguisher or the walls.

And since River didn't bother with any kind of effort on the Level 3 searches I scratched her from Level 4. Eight searches was simply too much for her at a new location. And she was constantly eating grass as well so she may have had an upset stomach. My girl just doesn't travel well.

At least we got 3 Q's and an ACE title so it wasn't a complete waste to drive to Dayton. The organizers put on a good trial and everything ran smoothly for us.

Monday, May 1, 2017

Grandma's 89th Birthday

On April 21, we celebrated my grandmother's 89th birthday. Grandma doesn't want any gifts but it's hard to show up with nothing so I got her an Edible Arrangement. I've never ordered one before and my friend Sharon said her daughter in law loves to get EA over flowers. She said they have always been fresh and she's always been pleased with them. So I ordered a large arrangement and they are pricey for sure but I didn't have to do it. As long as the person who gets it like all the different fruit especially melon and honeydew they're great. Mom also brought a cake, I suspect so she could put the candles on it, since we didn't need cake too. You know for 4 people...

I also showed my grandmother the quilt I made of her. I drew 3 portraits of her in colored pencil, then added some things she loves around them. Ohio State, cardinals and a portrait of a German Shepard and I made it in the shape of the state of Ohio. She read all the comments people posted on the the Quiltingboard and she was amazed that someone in Australia could see the quilt. She doesn't really get the internet so I just say "it's magic, grandma."

I took some barbecue from Smokey Bones for lunch and showed both mom and grandma my pictures and video of a pair of bluebirds, which they loved. All in all a nice day. Happy birthday grandma!