Thursday, July 21, 2016

Summer Scent League

River and I participated in a C-WAGS Summer Scent League held at Anything Goes for Dogs in Marysville.  River has been participating in scent trials since March 2015 and has titles at levels 1-3. She needs one more leg for a Level 4 title and she's needs a few more qualifying rounds at levels 1 and 2 for her ACE titles.

We attended the scent leagues in June and July which is held two Wednesday's per month in the evening. Here's a pic of a Q ribbon. River earned a total of 14.

River has a great time searching for scent, although she usually likes to run around the room then she'll remember she's supposed to check out the objects on the floor. But in the end she usually alerts to the odor by sitting or laying down next to the right object. 

But I think she really loves it when other people pet and pay attention to her and she gets to socialize with other dogs. It definitely makes for a late evening but the part I like the most is the result. You get one sleepy puppy.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Art Quilt - Grandma Part 2

Well it's taken me forever to continue posting about this quilt. I wanted to add a wash of color to the quilt to soften the glaring white fabric but I lost my inks. I looked for several weeks and had to continue posting about my other applique quilt project in the mean time. That quilt has had a serious set back and I'm really not happy about it or with my self since it was totally my fault. Of course it was my fault! I'm the one making the darn thing.

Anyway, I still can't find my inks, so I finally broke down at the end of June and purchased the ink that I know I have lurking in my house somewhere.

I'm pleased to say that I got the ink wash on last week. It really helped to blend the colored portraits together. I also got the edges a little darker.

When applying the inks, I was trying to only blend so far into the portraits. They have white areas that I did not want to color and if the ink gets to the white area it's not going to come out and it might ruin the picture.  So I thought I did a pretty good job until I went back to see if after it dried and there's a long dried, dark line right down gram's right cheek. I don't know if you can see it in the picture or not but it's there. If I had seen it before the ink dried I could've added some more water and got the line to blend out a bit but no. I did get it to blend a little using water and that's why using these inks are challenging.


I'm not sure yet what kind of designs I'm going to use to quilt the background with. This is an unusual quilt top with the colored pencil drawings. And it's pretty hard to just draw some designs on a sheet of paper and imagine how it will look on the quilt. So, I went to JoAnn's and got a yard of clear vinyl. It was in the home fabric section and cost about $5. I laid the vinyl over the quilt and drew designs on it using a white board marker. This way I can try out various designs and actually see how it will look before I just cross my fingers and start quilting. The picture below is just a doodle with flowers, vines and the Ohio Star pattern.