Thursday, April 9, 2015

Animal Quilt - Mexican Woodnymph Hummingbird

This little hummingbird lives in western Mexico and is losing its habitat. This isn't one of the typical animals you think of when you think "endangered." Most people think panda, rhino, tiger but there are others. Lots of others animals that are endangered and this little bird hasn't been studied all that much.

I started with the background first. I had a lot of bleeding over even though I tried to control it. Next, I worked on the flower and adding color to the bird. After that dried, I added details such as the eyes, flower highlights and black, yellow and white dots to the bird.

I thought the white highlights on the flowers would seep into the paint a little bit better and wouldn't be as harsh as they are now. I may try to fix it but I may not. You can also see a faint dark line around the birds belly and feet area. That's the original drawing using the Frixion pen. That line will disappear when I iron it.

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